Classes are FREE for members, and only $20 for non-members. You may cancel, but there are NO REFUNDS. Members will be charged $20 for a No Show.


Boarding School Class

Mondays @ 6:30pm

Boarding School is similar to Pilates but utilizes a Heroboard which is the smoothest, strongest, and most stable moving exercise platform on the market. This full body workout is 45 minutes long and will consist of challenging functional movements that focus on improving balance, mobility, flexibility, and core strength. Let’s get COREDinated!


Bad & Booty

Tuesdays @ 6:30pm

Is a 45 minute high intensity circuit style class to get your heart pumping and those buns burning, we utilize weights and various gym equipment.



Wednesdays @ 6:30pm

PE Class is an interval based group fitness class that uses modified strongman exercises, in multiple movement planes to improve the relationship between cognitive function and physical movement. (Mind muscle connection).

This class can be an excellent edition to your current training program as it benefits the trainee by improving: cardiorespiratory efficiency, functional movement patterns and body composition.  The relationship between cognitive function and physical movement, (mind muscle connection), giving the trainee the optimal ability to recruit muscle fibers for better gains.

Adds an element to your training week that won’t compete with recovery so you can continue with your current training program with out fatigue.


Detention Class

Saturdays @ 10am

Full body bootcamp sweat session to torch fat and build lean muscle. There will be various forms of cardio, resistance training, abs, and mobility exercises to make you feel better about the decisions you made last night…you could call it a hangover helper.


April 22nd @ 7am

Yoga Class