It’s common knowledge stretching is the key to injury prevention, enhanced mobility, and general wellness. However, did you also know it can be the key to breaking through your fitness plateaus?! Increased range of motion in our joints can amplify lean muscle growth. If a joint is stuck in its way for a long period of time, our muscles are also linger in a maintenance phase. Increasing joint range of motion by stretching allows the muscles to striate more freely and in turn, become more dense, which is the key to building stronger muscle tissue. I understand it’s hard enough to dedicate enough time during the week to even get your resistance training in. Just 10-15 minutes of stretching two to three times per week will make a tremendous positive impact on your total fitness. Therefore, I highly encourage sacrificing a few of those bench rep sets for 15 minutes of static stretching. It could be the key to unlocking your untapped muscle gain potential!

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