Golf used to be a game of finesse and it still is to a degree. However, as of late, we are seeing a large increase in the desire for more distance and club head speed among golfers. The easiest example would be Bryson DeChambeau who, before he gained size and distance, was an obscure player on the PGA Tour. With his drastic change in distance, it has caught the eye of the golf population.

We have seen a large increase in understanding of the human body when it comes to strength and power while also being able to maintain a controlled explosive movement. As many have stated, it begins with a strong base which means both balance and strength in the legs. Without strength, there is no balance and without balance, there is no increase in power. Balance will be something covered another time but it is something that cannot be neglected at any point during a true golf program.

Exercises to increase strength and power: the following exercises are, for the most part, a variation of a hip hinge motion which is where power generation and increase in club head speed come from.

Deadlift: I recommend using a hex bar instead of a straight bar for this because of the inadvertent pressure caused to the lower back. The deadlift can be done to increase strength by simply doing a standard 3×10 exercise but it can also be modified to increase power by adding in a jump. Learning to increase strength and power in hip extensors (glutes and hamstrings) will aid in the development of club head speed and distance.

Single Leg RDL Progression: this progression begins by simply gaining balance on one leg and bending at the hip. As one progresses, one could add weights to the movement, then increase the speed of the movement, and then finally add a jump into the motion. The last of the components should only be added after control of movement and power is optimal.

Med-Ball chest pass: this exercise will help in power production from a static position. At the address of the ball, there is no movement and suddenly there is swing initiation. Here is where many golfers struggle to maintain their balance, control, and speed of rotation. Learning to go from being still to immediate power production can help in timing, rhythm, and control of the golf swing.

Using these exercises, in addition to a well throughout golf program, can increase strength and power and thus lead to an increase in club head speed in turn leads to more distance off the tee. Hit ’em far, hit ’em straight, and good luck!