Recess Fitness Gym Dallas


We are gearing up for a new space that will be added to the Recess family! Directly beneath our current space, on the second floor of the building will be the new home for all of our group training classes and personal training clients.

By elevating this area of our business, we will be able to give our members and clients more space to reach their goals!


Want a new way to increase your quad gains your next leg day?

Follow Personal Trainer Hayleigh’s lead with this quad-focused workout:

3-4 Sets
Barbell Box Squats x6
Bulgarian Split Squats x12/side
Narrow Stance Heel Elevated Goblet Squats x25

Your 6 reps should be relatively heavier, 12 reps are moderate weight, & 25 the lightest. Perform this tri-set without resting between exercises. Then rest 2-3 minutes between each set.  Watch Hayleigh’s reel as she walks you through the workout, or look into our personal training services.


Mental fortitude is a huge tool when it boils down to overcoming obstacles that are stopping us on our way to success. With that mental fortitude, must come the strength to stamp out perfectionism, which is a learning process for nearly everyone.

“I call perfection a 20-ton shield. We think we carry it around to keep us from being hurt, but what it does is keep us from being seen…”


Calling all trainers! Are you looking for a new home? Recess will be the best spot for you to settle in and grow your skills as a trainer while helping others in our amazing space! Contact us for more information:

Personal Trainers Needed