Personal Trainer Erika

Personal Trainer – Recess Fitness Club

Tier 3 Trainer

I have been athletic my entire life. I grew up playing basketball, soccer, and volleyball. I discovered my passion for fitness through playing sports at an early age and learning how to properly lift weights. I challenged myself in all aspecting of my life. I competed in 3 Professional Natural Bodybuilding Competitions in 2021. Through that opportunity I gained the knowledge on how to properly fuel my body with proper nutrition along with building muscle to strengthen my body. I decided to follow my passion to become a personal certified trainer to help others achieve their fitness goals and learn how to develop healthy habits to live by.

My purpose is to help you pursue and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I believe in customizing workout programs that will challenge you mentally and physically. I will educate you on proper nutrition guidance that fits your lifestyle along with safe weight resistance training. You set your goals and I will make it happen!


  • ISSA- Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM- Certified Nutrition Coach
  • Associates Degree in Hospitality and Fitness Management