Jessica - Dallas Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer – Recess Fitness Club

Tier 3 Trainer

I am freshly relocated to Dallas from Des Moines, Iowa as of November 2020. My primary focus in training is competition preparation and aesthetic growth.

Growing up, I participated in competitive dance & swim, but it wasn’t until I started crossfit in 2010 that I fell in love with strength & conditioning. After 3 years of growing and training in that style, I piqued an interest in the world of competitive bodybuilding. I went to a local show to watch how things went down and a few weeks later in 2013 entered my first competition where I won my class; I was hooked. In 2014 I stepped on the national stage and earned the coveted IFBB Professional bodybuilding title. Over the years since then I’ve just loved learning more about the entire world of health, fitness & wellness and helping others learn to become motivated to achieve their own physique goals.

Not only will I help you achieve your physical goals, but I can teach you how to strengthen your mind and spirit as well. This to me is a full package, your mental health is just as important as your physical wellness. If you show up willing to commit to make the changes, I will keep you on the path to the best version of you.


  • Hypertrophy, balanced aesthetic muscular development, toning & fat loss.




  • Customized meal plans
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Competition preparation
  • Stage presentation & posing
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Supplementation and bio-optimization
  • Mindfulness + mental wellness