Personal Trainer in Dallas

Luis – Personal Trainer

Tier 2 Trainer

Your Goal becomes my goal. Whether it be weight loss, muscle building, athletic performance, health and longevity, mobility and flexibility, or all of the above. Professionalism backed by science.

The skills I’ll teach you will stay with you for the rest of your life. The greatest investment you could make is an investment in yourself and your health. My training style focuses primarily on hypertrophy training for muscle growth, Coupled with the use of Kettlebells, Landmines, and Medicine Balls to build cardiovascular endurance and raw strength while burning fat.

I’ve seen firsthand that with proper nutritional advice, intense and intentional physical training, and good coaching, any individual can completely turn their lives around, both physically and mentally. My mission is to guide you through that journey.


  • ISSA – Certified Personal Trainer