The most recent addition to the Recess equipment world is our brand new, custom built lifting platforms! These platforms are the perfect place to be able to lift heavy weight on a more even surface, offer a dependable base, and do less damage to our floors.

The softer cushioned area for the plates to hit is ideal for cushioning the weight’s landing, while the hardwood area gives your foundation a sturdy, even surface to lift from. In addition to adding in these platforms, we’ll also be supplying additional weight sets specifically designated for this lifting area!


Want a new way to boost those gains your next chest day? Consider changing up the tempo of your reps — this will increase the time under tension that your muscles have to be working.

This can be done on practically any exercise. While you can do it with added resistance of weights or bands, it’s also possible to utilize this method even when working just with body weight or suspension exercises!

By switching up the tempo of your reps, you challenge the muscles to work through a movement over more time than a typical rep that it may have become accustomed to. While we are referencing slowing down your tempo, speeding up your reps is also an option we can touch on another time!

Look into our Personal Training services to increase your fitness!


Calling all trainers! Are you looking for a new home? Recess will be the best spot for you to settle in and grow your skills as a trainer while helping others in our amazing space! Contact us for more information: