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Remember the days? For most of us, Recess represented that one time of day that we could all look forward to. It represented a simpler time filled with sweat and freedom, where you could make friends and have fun.

Well… we want to bring that back for all those who believe, like us, that they could use a little Recess in their life.

It’s our promise to build a gym for the people that is constantly developed and improved. We’re here to provide a community for those who are committed to constant improvement and like to have a little fun along the way!


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We are thrilled to announce we have reached our membership limit.
Value over Volume has always been our tenet.
Currently, we are only accepting Daytime Memberships (9a – 4p).
For a Full-Time Access Membership, Join the Waitlist.
Thank you to those who call Recess home.


$89 $69/monthly

Gym Access 9am-4pm

$99 Initiation Fee

1 Year Contract, No Cancellation

ACH Payment Only

Free Personal Training Session

InBody Scan


$109 $89/monthly

Gym Access 9am-4pm

$99 Initiation Fee

6 Month Contract, No Cancellation

ACH Payment Only

Free Personal Training Session

InBody Scan


$119 $99/monthly

Gym Access 9am-4pm

$99 Initiation Fee

Month to Month

Credit or Debit

Free Personal Training Session

InBody Scan

Taylor Metzger, Co-founder


At an early age I knew from making clay pots and selling them to neighbors on my wagon, that I could never work for the man. That evolved into a lawn mowing business later in high school. It was also during this time that I accomplished the title of Eagle Scout. Throughout college, I became involved in fitness and was so good at this craft that people began asking questions. At this point I was at a crossroads between wanting to pursue real estate or fitness/health. I ended up choosing real estate and ran a successful real estate brokerage, doing primarily in REO property listings assigned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. During my time in real estate, I realized my fitness “hobby” was more rewarding than what I was doing in real estate. I decided to make a career change and pursue a career in health & fitness. I established a company, Butchered Bodies, 5 years ago and it is now one of the most successful personal training companies in Dallas.

I’ve got a knack for design and aesthetics and I put all of my knowledge and passion into making Recess look and feel like nothing else you’ve experienced.

– 13 + Years of Training Experience, Certification from the Cooper Institute – Personal fitness specialist & Biomechanics of resistance training, CPR, Eagle Scout

Evan Duncan

Evan Duncan, Co-founder


After highschool I served 8 years in the Marine Corps as a Martial Arts (MCMAP) and Fitness Instructor, among many other things, and had tours to Iraq and Africa with Special Operations Forces. I decided to take what I learned leading, training and motivating Marines and use it to start an all-military veteran personal training company, Tough Fitness in 2012 .

Since then, Tough Fitness has become the one of the most recognized personal training companies in Dallas.

I’ve always been someone who picked apart businesses and thought of what could be done better or differently. For 4+ years I’ve had a vision of what I thought gyms should look, feel and operate like. I knew there was a huge opportunity to do things different and revolutionize an industry that had remained unchanged for decades. I’ve spent the last 4 years pitching to hundreds of people in an attempt to make my vision a reality. Over this period I became all but broken from my inability to secure funding for what I knew would be an amazing success, but I never quit. In hindsight, it was a true blessing that I was forced to wait.

I do my best in chaos, and I always see opportunity in every situation. COVID brought Taylor and I the opportunity of a lifetime. While we’re not done yet, what we’ve created with Recess thus far is extraordinary. Sure I’m biased, but Recess is the best fitness club in Dallas.

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Recess Fitness Club
Based on 121 reviews
I rarely write reviews this long, but since Recess is such a fantastic gym, I feel they deserve it.Recess is a nice balance between upscale and gritty, with a clear emphasis on strength training. There are three separate dumbbell areas (not counting the ones in the small outdoor space), a turf area for sled pushes, two dedicated deadlift/Oly spots, a boxing area, and a wide variety of equipment (including some specialized/unique equipment you don’t see in many gyms, such as the belt squat). A good portion of the equipment is Rogue, and Hypervolts and Normatec boots are also available for members to use for free (a perk I haven’t seen anywhere else).The location is convenient, and parking is rarely an issue in the garage. The gym space is open, with windows all around, and some sweet views of Dallas. Also, though I haven’t met them, it’s clear that the owners truly care about the product and their members. Since I’ve joined, they’ve added new equipment and have installed small infrared saunas in the locker rooms. Another example is their recent decision to cap memberships to limit overcrowding at peak times (this was becoming an issue). Major props for this decision, and I truly hope this stays in place long-term!In fairness, I’ll also point out a couple of things that could be improved. These shouldn’t discourage anyone from joining the gym, but some attention here would make Recess even better. First, some machines/equipment appear older than others. For example, the large white multi-attachment cable machines/racks aren’t the smoothest to use, as the cables are a bit loose and gritty. They get the job done though. Secondly, 90%+ of members here are courteous and respectful, but you do see filming on the gym floor and in the locker rooms, as well as members “reserving” benches or machines with large duffel bags on the floor. In fairness, this happens at many gyms, but I feel the vibe of Recess seems to attract more of the “influencer” types than some other places. Again, nothing major, but something ownership may want to monitor.All said, Recess is an absolutely fantastic gym, with caring and involved ownership. I’m so glad I discovered this place, and plan to remain a member for a very long time. Cheers!
20:45 26 May 23
If you’re looking for a great community atmosphere, the CLEANEST gym you’ve ever been to, management that cares about its members, and top of the line fitness equiptment, Recess Dallas is the place to be. As a Personal Trainer, I can truly say Recess is leading the way in the fitness industry.
Steven Andes
19:09 24 Mar 23
One of the best gyms I’ve been to. Really clean, all the equipment you’d need and the staff are super friendly.
Joe Parr
23:44 19 Mar 23
Recess Fitness Club is amazing. The space is clean and beautiful, they have all the equipment you could need, and there’s plenty of parking.
Georgia Maxey
19:06 27 Feb 23
Recess is THE ideal gym! It has everything you need and more. The equipment is top notch and up to date, the locker rooms are beautifully decorated and clean, the staff is hospitable. It's spacious enough to not feel overly crowded even when there's a lot of people there. I'm so happy to have found this gym! If you're in the Dallas area, I highly recommend this gym!
Molly McCage
16:50 27 Feb 23
Great vibe, clean gym, amazing instructors and all at a good price. Recess Fitness Club is the best in Dallas.
jay king
17:40 14 Feb 23
Checks all the marks you'd want in a gym. Great place with great equipment. Wonderful staff.
Margarita Gallo
07:15 07 Feb 23
One of the cleanest and most beautiful gyms in Dallas!!
Priscilla Martinez
02:38 07 Feb 23
Great place. They are always upgrading and doing their best to improve the gym. Recess has every equipment. For the price you pay I just don't think you can find a better gym in the Dallas area. And most importantly, everyone re-racks their weight!
Minh Nguyen
14:28 31 Jan 23
Boutique gym that excels at offering extensive weight lifting equipment at a reasonable membership price. If cardio or cardio equipment is a substantial part of your workout regimen, you may want to look elsewhere.
Michael Huffstutler
16:43 25 Jan 23
Jared Scott
17:53 24 Jan 23
There isn’t a gym that comes close in comparison. This gym is amazing!
17:40 22 Jan 23
bailey sanderson
23:11 16 Jan 23
Chris Mauck
19:35 13 Jan 23
I decided to give Recess a try because it is close to my house & they are offering trial classes. The gym is very clean & well organized. It is not overly crowded which I prefer. The gym manager, Lilly, took me for a tour of the expanding property and she has been so kind & accommodating ever since my first visit. Now for the classes…I love them!!! I get my butt kicked and feel very accomplished afterwards. Each trainer has their own style so it keeps the class engaging. What I like most is that all of the trainers modify according to each student and they cue throughout for proper technique. I am a physical therapist and I’m pretty picky about trainers ~ So far I’ve worked with Eric & Chris and they rock! I also appreciate that the classes are small so each person gets personalized attention. I’ll be signing up for an annual membership in a few weeks! I’m pumped! Recess Fitness Club has definitely earned my business! Let’s Do the Damn Thing!!!
Katie Lenard
14:00 02 Jan 23
New member alert! This gym is a gem and now my home. The environment is laid back, spacious and clean!LILY LILY LILY! She was the icing on the cake for me to make the switch from my old gym. She’s very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable with this location. I feel confident in her if I have any questions and I can tell she’s a really good person. Didn’t feel pressured! I feel like I made a GREAT investment.
Gene Wooten
23:20 31 Dec 22
vivi molina
18:30 28 Dec 22
I was in town visiting and this gym popped up as a recommendation. 10/10, if I lived in the Dallas area I would get a membership here. The equipment is top notch, the atmosphere is exactly what you would want in a gym. The staff were very nice and welcoming. Will definitely come back here when I’m back in town!
Reece Turner
15:58 27 Dec 22
Really cool gym, lots of useful equipment, super clean, polite staff
Jackson Thomas
23:26 24 Dec 22
Johnathan Nguyen
17:14 19 Dec 22
Don C
05:45 18 Dec 22
Recess has to be one of, if not the best, gym in Dallas! Everything from the lighting and aesthetic, to the equipment and the culture. Special shout out to Graham and Lilly for really making the this a Dallas gem!
Marious Yancheson
04:18 16 Dec 22
My favorite boutique gym in Dallas so far!!! The equipment is pristine, the location and views are beautiful and the culture is exactly what I was looking for. They have a great staff too! Lilly, the manager, is such a gem and goes above and beyond to make the experience amazing. Ask for Lilly or Julian to get the best tour of the facility! They are great! If I could give 10 stars I would!
Alexa Acosta
16:22 12 Dec 22
Love this gym. Good young gym in Dallas. Been to a lot of gyms and this is hands down the best
02:36 06 Dec 22
I want to just praise the whole team at Recess Gym for making the "Gym" feel like your a part of the Recess Family. Recess has an unsurpassed cleanliness with the perfect variety of equipment, the most friendly and knowledgeable team. Shout out to Graham! He has a professionalism well beyond his years. His positive attitude makes him extremely easy to converse with and always makes everyone feel welcome.
Tony Wetmore
02:18 06 Dec 22
Absolutely love this place. The staff are truly invested in their members and happy to be there. Lilly greets me by name every time I see her! Everyone in the gym is just there to work on themselves and support others. I can ask anyone for help reach for something or for a tip on form! The amount of new friends I have made from this gym is more than I could ask for. Lucky to have this place!
logan jobe
16:43 01 Dec 22
The employees are always friendly and greet everyone with a smile, the locker rooms are clean and spacious, and the gym is always super clean! I am so impressed with Recess and love being a member. Not only do they have a perfect, easy access location off Mockingbird right by SMU, the gym stretches around the entire top floor and there is plenty of equipment so you are never waiting in line or have anyone rushing your workout. The locker rooms are great and even have Dyson Airwrap hairdryers for the girls. Always love working out at Recess!
Audry Kessler
04:23 01 Dec 22
A great gym with quality equipment. Not overly crowded. Fantastic vibe and culture. Management is fantastic as well and flexible with requests. Satisfied thus far!
Danny Anderson
16:11 25 Nov 22
I had the pleasure of hosting a work event at this gym, the owners were so receptive and welcoming to the vision we had along with Recess being a part of it. From the staff, to the equipment, amenities and the view (worth noting!) everything was 5 stars!
Gage Kiesling
03:41 23 Nov 22
The equipment at Recess is all new, top of the line equipment that you won’t see at any other gyms in the area
Conor Nelson
15:00 22 Nov 22
If you need a trainer, ask for Javier! He's the best!!
Amy Lightfoot
13:34 21 Nov 22
After moving across the country, I thought it’d be nearly impossible to find a new gym where I felt comfortable and had everything I needed to feel confident in my fitness journey. I couldn’t be more glad to have found this amazing gym! Upscale, updated and has the best staff ever. Special thanks to Lilly and Graham for being so helpful and making me feel welcome from the start!
Shawniece Ervin
00:52 21 Nov 22
This gym is perfect. Love the vibe, equipment is the best I’ve seen at any gym, clean, and located in a good area
Danny Nicoletti
21:24 20 Nov 22
Lily and graham have been so amazing! They have helped me with my membership and make me feel welcome at the gym! I’ve gone to several gyms and this is easily my favorite!
Collin Heard
20:30 20 Nov 22
This location used to be a 24 HOUR Fitness location. Coincidently the location I joined 24 hour at back in 11/2007! Upon my return to Dallas, I was disappointed when I drove by and it was no longer a 24. The 24's that I could visit are NOT convenient to me and even those locations have become severely lacking in HYGIENE. I popped in to Recess for a short time one afternoon in August and met Evan. Boy am I glad I did. To hear of what Taylor and Evan have done in their lives, and to know what they went through to make Recess a reality is an amazing story. The planning, lay-out and aesthetic touches present at Recess is phenomenal. Of course the vibe, work ethic and integrity is passed along to the staff and trainers, and that is easily and happily felt by the client / members. The location is great for me and I am delighted to be a part of Recess Fitness. My goals will be polished and sharpened here. Stop by, go online and give 'em a try. You'll be happy you did. Tell them I sent ya! THANK YOU EVAN AND TAYLOR AND THE REST OF THE STAFF AT RECESS!
Gary Foreman
20:01 19 Nov 22
Awesome experience at this fitness club. Their #1 priority is a clean, safe gym. Special shout-out to Lily. She was extremely professional, helpful and treated us like family. 100% would recommend this gym if you’re in the Dallas area.
De'Shey Thomas
21:45 18 Nov 22
Definitely, the best gym I've become a member of/been at. Recess has everything you could possibly need. It's always really clean. HUGE fan of the second dumbbell area recently installed. You'll find people in all different walks of their fitness journey here. A Culture you won't find anywhere else.
Cordell Martindale
17:18 01 Nov 22
Came in for a trial day pass - which by the way is only $1 - and was instantly greeted with smiles from Lilly and Graham. They were very informative and passionate about the gym’s culture showing they’re big on the details making sure everyone can feel welcomed no matter the experience. Their equipment is unique and unlike many standard gyms, while giving a home feel of not being fancy but everything you’ll need and more! Think Dodgeball movie, big on culture no fancy equipment that’s over complicated and just a big family. Plus the prices won’t break the bank like others here in Dallas.
Travis Simon
03:26 12 Oct 22
Came in for a week pass - had the best experience! Lilly and Graham were so welcoming and very personable from the start!The facility is awesome - lots of open space, and you just know when you’re here that this is a “no nonsense” gym. If you go to the gym to be an influencer - it’s not for you. It’s for anyone who wants to get a great workout, with great equipment around great people/staff. Highly recommend! And again - shout out to Lilly and Graham - 5 Stars!
Bryan Burnett
03:14 12 Oct 22
Great gym for people serious with fitness. Staff is great, owners continually making improvements.
Richard Lackey
17:56 01 Oct 22
Best gym in Dallas. Hands down. Taylor and Evan are some of the nicest guys you'll meet. This is a huge quality to have in the fitness world as some folks can be intimidated about joining a gym, especially if they're new to fitness. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming. On top of all that, they're accommodating and appreciate feedback on how to make the best even better. Gym-wise, it's the largest footprint gym I've ever been to. Meaning: MOST USABLE WORKOUT SPACE AND EQUIPMENT. A lot of other gyms have size, but a ton of wasted space. Recess is SUPER CLEAN not only hygienically, but also in layout and design. You'll never be waiting to use anything. 18K sq ft with massive windows all around. You can't beat it. If you're looking for a gym to socialize while working out, go to Equinox or Lifetime. If you're looking to train and be around like-minded people with a motivating environment, look no further than Recess! Thanks for creating this place guys. Looking forward to the expansions!
Gino Carlomagno
18:47 30 Sep 22
Recess is setting a new standard of what a gym should be. Owner-operated business with owners who care. In the short time I've been there, the gym has gone through constant cosmetic and equipment upgrades. More squat racks than I can count, a stretch area, a turf area, tons of specialty equipment, and a great view.
Genaro Aguilar
20:05 22 Sep 22
Not only does this place have really great equipment but the staff are all super nice. Not just any old gym. People come here to put in hard work. Besides the equipment, the locker room is kept to perfect condition. Love this gym.
Leo Lasky
20:45 16 Sep 22
Phil Williams
12:35 15 Sep 22
The best gym in Dallas, hands down. Great people who truly care about providing a quality and welcoming gym experience. After bouncing around several gyms over the years, Recess has blown me away. If you’re looking for a new gym that actually cares and values it’s members, I can’t recommend them enough.
Kelly Smith
04:28 15 Sep 22
Fantastic gym! They have a great amount of equipment for everyone and every experience level of gym goer, free weights, machines and cardio equipment. The owners are great and it’s not rare to see both of them working the front desk saying Hi when you come in! All the equipment is maintained and clean, it truly feels like I’m part of a family when going there! I’ve been to multiple gyms through my life in different cities and states and this gym is my absolute #1. I honestly kick myself for writing such a great review because I want to keep it my own little secret but I can’t anymore…
23:44 14 Sep 22
When I first moved to Dallas, the search for reputable, comfortable and high quality gym was hard to find. Often times I would get sold a bill of goods up front, and none lived up to the expectations. Either too crowded, outdated equipment and overly salesy/unfriendly staff.Before joining Recess I was a member at 3 prior gyms and none had lived up to my expectations of a welcoming, friendly gym atmosphere. If you've ever been in similar, or are looking for a great starting place, then I can't recommend this gym enough.Owners are great people. Make sure to ask for Taylor or Evan. They'll make sure you are well accommodated.
23:38 14 Sep 22
Great Facility, great community and great owners! I left equinox to join a gym where I felt comfortable and at home. This gym truly is something special. Everyone is super kind and helpful when it comes to using the equipment and any questions or concerns I had were answered and handled with care. I HIGHLY recommend this gym. 10/10
Kimberly Georgiadis
23:11 14 Sep 22
I moved to Dallas in April and I tried out a handful of the local gyms and this gym is by far my favorite! It has a hard working/fun environment full of people of all fitness levels who are all just trying to be better, and I think that a lot of this fire created is owed to the staff. Thank you for making me feel welcomed! I brought friends from out of state and ya'll may just have a few new members because of their experience at Recess!
Tyler Gutierrez
22:58 14 Sep 22
Cazandra Egan-Martinez
22:35 14 Sep 22

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