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Remember the days? For most of us, Recess represented that one time of day that we could all look forward to. It represented a simpler time filled with sweat and freedom, where you could make friends and have fun.

Well… we want to bring that back for all those who believe, like us, that they could use a little Recess in their life.

It’s our promise to build a gym for the people that is constantly developed and improved. We’re here to provide a community for those who are committed to constant improvement and like to have a little fun along the way!


  • $150 Initiation
  • Month to Month
  • After April 15th
  • Free Personal Training Session
  • InBody Scan


  • $99 Initiation
  • 1 year contract, no cancellation
  • ACH payment only
  • Free Personal Training Session
  • InBody Scan
Taylor Metzger

Taylor Metzger, Co-founder


I started working out at the age of 15 knowing nothing about fitness; my motivator was getting bullied. With time, I learned more and more and decided to get my personal training certification when I was 20. I started out as a trainer at 24-Hour Fitness and have worked in various gyms since.  17 years later through many failures, business and personal, I finally have my own gym, Recess Fitness Club – In the old 24hr Fitness building. I wouldn’t be who I am today without the trainers I’ve worked with and the business mentors that have believed & taken a chance on me. Personal training & fitness is extremely fulfilling to me. I can always improve and learn more – that’s not just aesthetic. One of the best feelings for me is knowing I have the ability to help change others lives too. The self confidence that being fit can help anyone achieve is like throwing a stone into water and watching the ripples. My methods are simple: show up, work hard, have a good attitude, be consistent, follow and trust the process. The more you put in, the more you will get out. I practice what I preach, and I better, or why else would you hire me to tell you what to do?

– 13 + Years of Training Experience, Certification from the Cooper Institute – Personal fitness specialist & Biomechanics of resistance training, CPR, Eagle Scout

Evan Duncan

Evan Duncan, Co-founder


Evan served 8 years in the Marine Corps as a Martial Arts (MCMAP) and Fitness Instructor and had tours to Iraq and Africa. He decided to take what he learned leading, training and motivating Marines and use it to start Tough Fitness in 2012 .

The skills he acquired from years of training the world’s elite along with certifications from Cooper Institute and the American Council on Exercise enabled him to start and grow Tough Fitness into the most recognized personal training company in Dallas.

Evan’s no excuses attitude perfectly coupled with a genuine care and attention to detail is what keeps Tough Fitness clients around for years. He has a serious passion for helping others and has helped countless people change not only their bodies, but their lifestyle and mindsets as well. There’s something really special in the way Evan motivates his clients to accomplish things they never thought possible.




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Recess Fitness Club
Based on 11 reviews
Best gym in Dallas hands down! The owners are constantly innovating and brining in new equipment. The locker rooms are amazing, gym is always clean, keyless entry and it never feels crowded (doesn’t matter what time of the day)The view (amazing sunsets and sunrises btw) are spectacular from all angles but specially from the really well equipped boxing area as you can see downtown!It feels like a really expensive gym but with a great price! Every little detail at Recess is planned and extremely well maintained.I also do personal training there and all trainers are very knowledgeable and seem like the best in the industry.
Isabela Cruz
21:56 10 Jun 21
Recess is a great gym with attentive owners and staff. They’re constantly going the extra mile. Stocked with all the equipment you could ever want, the best water fountain you’ll ever drink from, and a killer view, Recess is a truly unique gym.
23:20 03 Jun 21
I love the atmosphere of the gym as well as the convenient setup (keyless entry for members that can be accessed 24 hours/day). The gym is clean, well laid out and not too crowded and the staff is fantastic!!! Great addition to the neighborhood!
Malissa Page
21:00 01 Jun 21
Canceled my LA fitness membership and now workout here. I couldn’t be any happier with my decision. The gym is perfect and is not packed, has a good vibe/atmosphere and has all the equipment you need to get a good pump!
Emile Abdo
20:56 30 May 21
Finally, a gym I actually enjoy going to. Definitely worth it, great lay out, so many awesome different style machines, clean, and overall just enjoyable. Again, worth it.
Sabina Catz
02:07 27 May 21
Beautiful gym, amazing owners and super friendly. You can see all the hard work and passion that goes into it. I definitely recommend
Ebele Chioma
22:51 14 May 21
If you’re looking for a cool vibe to work out in, this is your spot! The equipment is very well planned out in its placement, and the owners of the gym have great energy!
Rebekah Furstenfeld
14:26 05 May 21
I visited this place back in the day when it was 24 hour fitness and I have to say the upgrades that Recess has done are 👌🏼💣🔥 The club is fantastic and the locker rooms are very, very nice.
Erin McLeary
23:49 29 Apr 21
The facility is gorgeous, modern, and huge. The owners and trainers are all committed to everyone’s progression and success. It’s a great place to train!
Tatiana Christensen
20:02 01 Apr 21
Awesome gym, the owners and staff were extremely helpful, even with me being out of town setting up a weekly pass at a fair cost. The gym has a great layout, spacious with plenty of equipment for virtually any type of training. If you're looking for a gym in Dallas, these guys are great and passionate about what they do. Check them out!
19:47 22 Mar 21
When a business is committed to their customers it shows.This is not just another gym, this a home for those of us who desire success and the attention required to achieve health and fitness goals.Owned and operated by United States Marines Taylor & Evan.If discipline is what you're looking for, come here.If professionalism is appreciated, come here.If you want to bypass all the silly bells and whistles of the franchise gyms, come here.I'm a swimmer, tennis player, skier and dog lover. I travel for a living and consider myself a savvy human being. I tell you this because my opinion for this review is rooted in a sincere commitment to myself and other humans who understand and value a healthy body and mind.Go to Recess Gym and you will see what I am talking about. These guys aren't screwing around.
Aud rey
21:30 17 Mar 21
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