Personal Trainer in Dallas

Alex – Personal Trainer

Tier 3 Trainer

Not everyone that goes to the gym is training to compete in competitions; some just want to drop down a size or fill out their shirt sleeves. Whatever your goals are, I want to help you achieve them. I want my clients to feel more comfortable in the gym, and see progress that makes them more confident in themselves.

I focus on body recomposition through strength training and hypertrophy. Running on a treadmill is not the path I will put you on, it is getting under a barbell and moving weight. Also, what you put in your body is just as important as what you do in the gym, and I will help you work out a program that keeps you on track without restricting the foods that you love. I can help you make progress towards your strength and aesthetic goals, and help you push yourself to be the best version of yourself.


  • NASM – Certified Personal Trainer