Personal Trainer in Dallas

Kaylee – Personal Trainer

Tier 2 Trainer

My utmost passion in life is to empower women to be the strongest version of themselves, both mentally and physically. I believe that we can build the dream physique, and have the “perfect”, most desirable body, but if your mindset doesn’t evolve along with you none of it matters. Reframing your mindset is an essential part of sustainable results. I find strength training to be one of, if not the most instrumental things you can do to improve your confidence both inside and outside of the gym. By focusing on strength training for women we will build beautiful, feminine physiques while getting strong and have the mindset to match.


  • B.S. in Exercise Science
  • Exos Athlete Performance
  • KILO Hypertrophy Program Design
  • N1 Biomechanics
  • Designs for Sport Nutrition