Personal Trainer in Dallas

Kelley – Personal Trainer

Tier 3 Trainer

It’s true, fitness is a huge passion of mine but a bigger passion of mine is helping people! I knew from the start that personal training was where I wanted to be! I can help people achieve their fitness goals all through the place I love being – the gym! I have been training for a little over a year and have served a wide demographic of people with goals from losing weight to building muscle, one thing is for sure, coming to the gym won’t be something you dread!

I know getting into the gym can be a scary thing, everything from not knowing how to use the machines, to all the people and so much more. I am here to help you navigate the gym and your fitness journey if you’re just starting or need some change! I use basic endurance, hypertrophy, and strength phases in training to transform your body. It doesn’t take a lot, just some discipline and consistency! I train with the intent of giving you the knowledge so that hopefully one day you can achieve and conquer on your own.

Let me help you achieve your goals and fall in love with the process. Let me show you how the gym can build routine habits and a mentality that will not only transform your health and fitness but all areas of life.


  • American Council of Exercise Certification