Personal Trainer Kendall

Kendall – Personal Trainer

Tier 2 Trainer

At 12 years old, I would go run sprints in the street unprovoked. It’s safe to say I had a love for anything fitness related from a young age. That love led me to try any sport I could. Did I ask to try out for the football team in middle school? Yes. Was I politely asked to get out of the Head Coach’s office? Also, yes. Softball was the sport that stuck like super glue and brought me into the gym to lift weights for the first time.

As a child and young adult, my health was a constant battle. From 23 surgeries by age 17 and surviving a stroke at age 18 with many seizures to follow, being a college softball player at the University of Georgia and staying in the weight room was my happy place through recovery. Now at age 28, no longer a college athlete and no longer battling health issues- the weight room is still my happy place. Over my short 28 years, my body has failed me and I have also failed it, too. But one thing that remains constant: if you show up, the results will, too. Physically, mentally, emotionally. I made a career within fitness determined to have others feel the empowerment of what they are capable of! I absolutely love that I have the opportunity to do so at the best gym in Dallas.

All in all, just know this-
I’m a Houston native. Gym rat. Tequila enthusiast. Weirdly obsessed with the Royal Family. Your biggest fan as I train you at Recess.