We noticed that our squat racks, dumbbell area, and benches were getting more and more crowded… so we took action! We are happy to show off the completely new & improved back area of our gym complete with 2 new squat racks, cable machines, full dumbbell rack, rearranged free motion machines, and a squat/bench rack in our outdoor area.

We believe you should ALWAYS be able to get in an efficient, effective workout – so will always do what we can to make it happen. If you haven’t seen our new space yet, come and check it out ASAP!


Need a new way to increase your mind/muscle connection and maximize your lifts? Add PULSES to your next session! These are deliberate, 1-3inch pulses added to the bottom part of the movement. This gives you more time spent in the highest tension part of the lift, giving you more bang for your buck in the strength department!

Need more info? Check out this Reel to hear more from co-owner Taylor as he walks us through his “Tigger” Squats!